Esztergom, Macska út-Hidden stairs to a beautiful Basilica

If you love beautiful views and you are not afraid of climbing around 500 stairs this little hidden path is for you!

Esztergom is located about 50 kilometres from Budapest so it is a perfect destination for a daytrip. This town is sitting on the bank of river Danube. If you want to visit another country as well, you can just walk through the bridge and you’re in Slovakia.

The most well-known sight of the city is the Basilica, which is on the top of the hill. Macska út (Cat street/Cat steps) is a little street which leads to the top. There are some evidences of its existence from the 16th century. When the construction of the Basilica started, it was buried and it couldn’t be used until its reconstruction in 2001-2002.

This hidden gem is not worth missing! The stairs might look scary at first but trust me, it’s not that hard climbing them and the view in compensating for the struggle!

(Help to find it: the starting point of the stairs opens from Berényi Zsigmond street)

I’ll leave here some pictures to convince you to use this path 😉

The Cat steps


View from the path

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