János Móricz- The secret history of the humanity and the origin of Hungarians

In the 1920s there were a few news that some Hungarian engineers working in South America could speak in Hungarian with some native tribes (in Peru, Ecuador and the Amazonas) Some of the Hungarian immigrants decided to investigate the news. One of them was János Móricz (also known as Juan Moricz) who started investigating in Ecuador. He could speak in Hungarian with 3 tribes: Cahari, Mochica and Puruha. He collected more than 10 thousand names (geographical and family names) that had Hungarian origins. Some of the examples include:

  • apa=apa
  • aya=anya
  • nap=nap
  • kit=két
Juan Moricz

Móricz had also found a giant cave system (Tayos-cave). He believed that the native people collected here the treasures which were in danger because of the Spanish conquistadors. It was also believed that extra-terrestrial creatures live in these caves. (Isn’t it like a Hollywood movie? 😛 )

In 1967, 7th of September there was a conference where János Móricz presented his discoveries to the press and reporters. The audience seemed enthusiastic but no news appeared later about this conference. Móricz believed that the Hungarian tribes came to South America from the west on water. A Hungarian geography teacher proved with a map that every 4th geographical name in Indonesia is Hungarian. In 1965 a newspaper in Ecuador published the story of the discoveries. Is was written in the article that before the Spanish influence the previous language of the 3 previously mentioned tribes was Hungarian. In 1966 El Telegrafe published an article which said that the discoveries of Móricz proved that the separated brothers of the Ecuadorians are Hungarians.

móricz tayos
Expedition in 1969

Some claim that the origin of the Hungarians was found with these discoveries and the Habsburgs and the Spanish tried to hide this from us. Some also claim that if it was true the entire history of the humanity could be changed and maybe because of that this story didn’t become famous. In 1991 Móricz was about to organize a conference when he suddenly died. Some people believed that it was not a coincidence but it turned out that he was already diagnosed with a disease months before his death.

So, is the origin of Hungarians America? Some say Juan Moricz was just a dreamer others say he was the biggest discoverer. No one knows the truth…there are many theories about the origin of Hungarians:

  1. Hun-Magyar relationship, which was generally accepted until the 19th century but its credibility has been questioned
  2. The Finno-Ugrian theory, which is usually taught at schools. It is based on the similarities of the two languages
  3. Sumerian origin? Some researchers found some evidences that Sumerian and Hungarian languages are related.
Finno-Ugrian origin

So apparently, there are many different views, with some evidences and it seems impossible to find out the complete truth, but these theories seem fascinating, I could spend weeks trying to gather all the information about just one of these. Of course, knowing the truth would be interesting, but maybe this mystery just makes this country and Hungarians ever more interesting…

(If you became interested in Tayos caves there are many videos, also discussing the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, and there’s also a movie in Spanish, here is the trailer with English subtitle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubRaxWxGsn8)


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