10 things you probably didn’t know about the Hungarian Parliament


  1. There are 3 parliaments in the same square

    A competition was held to find the best plan for the parliament, but the entries were so good that they decided to build the 2nd and the 3rd as well.


  2. Symbols in the form of numbers

    The building is 96 metres high which refers to the date of the Hungarian Conquest (896) and there are 365 towers all together which refers to the days of the year.

  3. Golden decoration

    40 kilograms of gold was used to decorate the building.p

  4. Hungarian materials

    It was a priority during the construction to only use Hungarian materials.

  5. Smoking – “He was worth a Havana”

    Today smoking is banned in the building but it used to be allowed. There were even cigar holders on the corridor with numbers on them, so the MPs could leave their cigars there when they had to go back to the sitting. The most expensive cigar was the Havana at that time so when they went back to the sitting and only left when the cigar was already completely gone they said the MP who was talking was worth a Havana.CIGAR.jpg

  6. Special air condition

    This was the first building ever to have air-conditioning (of course not the modern type) The air came into the building through an underground chamber where they also put some ice to help the cooling of the air.

  7. It is the 3rd biggest Parliament in the world

  8. It is completely symmetrical

    Until the 2nd World War the parliament was bicameral, now only the southern half is used for the sittings of the parliament, the northern part is used for conferences.PARLSZIM

  9. Rules for the buildings in the area

    It was determined that the buildings couldn’t be higher than the Parliament and there were some rules for the appearance of the street fronts as well.

  10. The architect who designed it couldn’t see the result

    Imre Steindl died 5 years before the building was finished.parlament steindl






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