Explore Budapest with public transport!

In my opinion there’s no better way of discovering a place than using public transport. You can see everything while feeling like a local. In this article, I would like to give a few tips on which ones to try, so get your tickets ready! 😉

  1. 1st metro line (M1, yellow one)

It was the first metro line on the continent, built in 1896 for the Millennium celebrations (1000th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest). It goes under Andrássy Avenue and it has stops at for example…:

  • Széchenyi Bath: if you want to relax a little bit
  • Deák Ferenc tér: if you want to sit down in the grass among the locals to drink and chat a little bit
  • Opera: if you are not a fan of this type of music it is still worth visiting, there are guided tours
  • Heroes square: a place showing the Hungarian history with the help of the statues on the monument. The City Park behind it also provides many forms of entertainment: Zoo, ice skating ring/boating lake, Vajdahunyad Castle1metro
  1. Bus 105

Another way to go through Andrássy Avenue, but on the surface. This avenue has a pretty interesting structure and is full of beautiful buildings. It goes through Chain Bridge and at Clark Ádám square you can change to Bus 16, which takes you up to the Castle District



  1. Tram 2

This one has probably the best view. It goes next to the Parliament, so you can check out 3 sides of it without walking 😛 and it goes next to river Danube which is the most beautiful part of the city in my opinion. In winter, sometimes  there are special trams on this line with beautiful lights on them.



  1. Tram 4-6

It is the party line in Budapest. It goes on the Great Ring road and it passes thousands of pubs( there is even one named after the tram) The most popular area is Király and Wesselényi street, literally every second building is a pub there, so if you want to have great night I suggest choosing this line. It also stops at Margaret Island (Margit-sziget) which is the green heart of the city, you can rent a Bringóhintó to discover it but there is also a bus line going through the island (bus 26).



  1. Metro line 4 (M4)

It is the newest metro line. The stations are more modern and it stops at Szent Gellért square, from there you can walk up to the top of Gellért hill and see the wonderful view from the Citadel.



  1. Nostalgic travelling

There are Heritage Transport services from May to September. You can find more information about it on this website: http://bkk.hu/nosztalgia/


  1. Ship (D11, D12, D13)

It is run by the Public Transportation company of Budapest but there is a special ticket for it which costs 750 forints (~2,5 euro)


Special types of transportation:

  • Rack-railway/tram 60: It takes you up to Széchenyi hegy where you can exchange to Children’s’ Railway which is a really special railway where children aged 10-14 are working and it goes through a beatiful forest. If you like nature you should check it out but it is important to know that you need different tickets for that since it is not a part of public transport
  • Funicular: it is not public transport but I wanted to include it because it is so special. It takes you up from Clark Ádám tér to the Castle District. The journey with it is short and you must buy a different ticket, but if you don’t want to spend your money on it you can use bus 16 instead. 



  • One ticket costs 350 forints (a bit more than a euro)
  • A daily ticket is 1650 HUF (~ 5,4 euros)
  • A 72 hour ticket is currently 4150 HUF (~13,5 euro)
  • Or you can buy a Budapest Card which provides free travel, different discounts and free entries to some museums. Its current prices:
    • 24 hour- 19 euro
    • 48 hour- 29 euro
    • 72 hour-37 euro

I hope you will find it useful, and if you have any questions feel free to turn to me! 😉


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