Shocking/fun statistics about Hungary

Since Hungary is a small, not so well-known county most people don’t know much about it , so in this article I try to present my country with some shocking/interesting statistics, but to make it more relatable and enjoyable I decided to compare Hungary with some other countries. And if the word „statistics” didn’t scare you away already , let’s see what Hungary is like!

  1. 2 times more people live in Beijing than in Hungary

  2. Brazil is 91,5 times as big as Hungary

  3. Hungary ranks 11th for average IQ and 18th last for murders with firearms per million

  4. People in the United States are 30.48% less likely to be unemployed, but 40,74% more likely to be murdered

  5. Germans have 35,75% more free time and they spend 4,7 times more money on healthcare

  6. Spanish people earn 52,02% more money than Hungarians

    Névtelen terv

  7. Rent Prices in United Kingdom are 147.31% higher than in Hungary

  8. a McMeal at McDonalds costs 34,19% less in India than in Hungary

    Névtelen terv (1)

  9. Japanese people live around 10 years longer than Hungarians

  10. Among the OECD courties the Hungary has the 3rd highest avarage tax wedge after Germany and Belgium

As you can see every county has its advantages, us Hungarians seem to be blessed with high IQ, low murder rates and low prices ( +cheap beer 😛 )





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